Feck it…

Between the death of my partner’s grandmother, the euthanizing of our cancer-ridden cat and trying to actually get through the novels that I promised to review, I’m having a hard time focusing on Dark One’s Bride. I’ve been at the stage of almost finishing chapter ten for around a month now. About the only thing going smoothly around here are the Facebook ads.

On the other hand, To Target the Heart keeps calling, letting me make some headway into writing… well, something. And Extinguishing the Sun likes to poke its nose into things, giving me about 5k of that storyline in a very short timespan.

4 thoughts on “Feck it…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your losses. 😦 Yeah, life trials like that certainly have a way of sucking up any sort of progress. I’m happy that you’re still able to write something. I hope the crappiness lets up.

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