A Land of Giants

I’m hip deep in chapter two of To Target the Heart. By that, I mean Darshan’s pov is currently just him drooling over Hamish. But I’ve just realised I’ve sent the modestly-tall 5’6 Darshan into a land where “average” would be over six foot.

It’s a little wavy at how I came to that… the sort version is Hamish’s build is a combination of a champion caber tosser and a NFL player. I kept his height the same as the two guy’s, which is 6’5, because I wanted to know what a particular weight would look like on such a frame. Because his dad’s taller, I made Duncan seven foot and his mum, Fiona, is just a little below six foot. His siblings are also of comparable height, which means their kids aren’t short either…

It must’ve been quite the sight for Darshan coming off the ship only to be surrounded by a bunch of tall, muscular, hairy men. Maybe one day I might do a short with his reaction (as Hamish obviously wasn’t there).

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