Snippet Sunday – #8sunday

wewriwa_square_3It’s been a while since I joined in on the weekly Weekend Writing WarriorsSnippet Sunday and Rainbow Snippets sharing. Things have bounced about a bit here, but they’re settling down now, which means more time for me to write.

This snippet comes from To Target the Heart, the second main novel of the spellster series that I’m currently writing, which is about two princes falling in love, only for the queen to announce a competition to become her son’s wife.



From chapter two…

Darshan, Imperial Prince and ambassador of Udynea, is escorted to the guest quarters of Mullhind Castle by Hamish, the third child of Queen Fiona of Tirglas…

Darshan remained silent as he followed Hamish into the castle. Although he’d learnt the local language during the trip from his home on the other side of the continent to the Tirglasian capital of Mullhind, he wasn’t entirely confident in himself to utter much coherently at the moment.

His father had seen to it that he was briefed during the trip, but it had been in simple things, common customs alongside their current political and economic standings and the like. They’d even touched on a few cultural differences to help him avoid any major gaffs.

No one seemed to have had the wherewithal to prepare him for the introduction of the hulking man currently leading him through the castle corridors.

Confident his actions would be less obvious than his previous appraisal of the courtyard, he took another sweeping glance at Hamish. Tall, at least a good few inches more than himself if not the full foot. Quite a bit of flesh on that frame, too. Muscle rather than fat, if those broad, brown shoulders and thick arms were any judge as to the state of the rest.

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25 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – #8sunday

  1. Nice! I’m so glad things are quieting down for you. I find it fascinating how learning a language in an academic setting is so very different from immersion into that culture. Happy Writing!

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    1. Especially when you’re learning that language in the space of a few months travelling on a ship to said kingdom. There’s going to be a few brief misunderstandings for sure.


  2. I’m going to start by saying that I do like your writing voice. It’s descriptive and oh, that description of the guide. Darshan seems intrigued at the very least.


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