Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


So, because An Unexpected Gift comes out this weekend. I’m going to hop over to that for this week’s Weekend Writing WarriorsSnippet Sunday and Rainbow Snippets before going back to my WiP.

This piece actually carries on from the last time I shared a snippet: Tracker has tied a not-the-least-bit-bothered Dylan to the bed and teasing him with decisions of what he might do, the last of which he said was “But which to choose?” (Punctuation a little wonky to fit)

[Tracker] slowly glided his fingers down, letting the tips vanish beneath the dark curls of hair, seeking out that little spot which drove his husband mad. A thing they’d both discovered quite by chance.

Dylan wrapped the veil around his fingers, shortening the length of Tracker’s binding further. He bit his lip, his jaw trembling with the effort to remain closed. Still, he made no attempt to move despite being bound only at the wrists. Nor did he utter the command to stop.

Tracker lowered his head, pressing his lips against the man’s throat. “Remember to breathe, darling,” he whispered, “I would not wish for you to pass out before I begin.”

A delightfully shuddering gasp escaped Dylan’s mouth. “Begin?” he echoed, the word raw and high-pitched, “If you don’t do something soon, you won’t be doing anything, let alone me.”

Don’t forget to check out the other excerpts.



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