Part of the reason I don’t actually put a series number on the Spellster Series is due to the novels, the main ones at least, being stand alones. People should be able to read them in any order they choose, even if that order is likely to be the publication one.

But sorting out the chronological order is a little trickier as most of them happen more-or-less at the same time. The only story I can say without a doubt comes first chronologically, is Burning Beneath the Sun.

Technically, by moving my focus onto To Target the Heart after In Pain and Blood, I’m going both backwards and forwards at the same time. Overall, having To Target the Heart begin a few months before In Pain and Blood doesn’t matter because the two novels are set in different kingdoms with different characters.

What gets really tricky is how both Through Smoke and Fire and Spectre of the Golden Voice intwine with To Target the Heart. And there’s a Main Character from Extinguishing the Sun who may or may not make a brief appearance at the end of To Target the Heart, but his story happens (yup, you guessed it) at the same time. Basically, To Target the Heart is the centre stone and the others branch off it at certain points.

Start throwing in the short stories and novellas… whoo boy!


First is Willow, always will be, unless I write a story set way back then.

Then there’s Burning Beneath the Sun.

To Target the Heart starts well after the events in BBtS.

Extinguishing the Sun quite likely starts here somewhere.

Down the Path of Shadows has nothing to tie it to anywhere, so it could be anytime.

Rock-a-bye fits here, I believe.

Mapmaker likely does, too.

Spectre of the Golden Voice is happening at the same time.

Through Smoke and Fire begins after some events in TTtH.

Events in TSaF lead to a very minor detail happening within the beginning of In Pain and Blood, so guess which of the main novels is actually last in the chain? Haha!

Of course, And the World Crumbled also happens during the events of IPaB.

Finally, there’s An Unexpected Gift. Third in the series to be complete, last in the queue. Ha!



I’m so gonna have to make sure I don’t contradict myself on past happenings already mentioned.

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