And I completed #campnanowrimo!


Here we are, at the end of April. I’ve been mostly keeping above my daily goals since the halfway mark, which is amazing given that I’m writing at night after wrangling a sick daughter (who, naturally, lovingly spread it around). But I made it. Overshot 20k on the 29th to be exact.

I’m currently perched on chapter eight. Which sucks a little, because it means I’ve several big chapters that I can’t just break into two. But this is also the first sex scene. And it starts with the right person, no less.

I’ve not too many surprises happening during this half of April. Mostly a few minor ones pertaining to Hamish’s family. His sister, Nora, has officially been in more scenes than their older brother, Gordon, which I should’ve expected, given her closeness with the trade negotiations. That’ll change once the boys leave Mullhind to visit a Tirglasian spellster cloister. But his mother’s turning into even more of a pain than I’d originally planned. Worse still, everyone is taking her draconian response to a minor act in stride. Well… apart from Darshan, but that’s sort of the point.

Darshan has turned out to be far less cocky than I imagined, at least in private. I mean, I knew he’d a romantic side hidden beneath that cold shell he’s shown the Udynean court, I just didn’t expect him to be giving Tracker a run for his money there.


5 thoughts on “And I completed #campnanowrimo!

  1. I ❤️ Tracker, so if Darshan is anything like him, I’ll ❤️ him, too.

    (That’s assuming Tracker doesn’t go completely off the rails in the final third of In Pain and Blood…I should know within a couple days. Whew that’s a long book…but so worth it!)

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    1. Ah, the final third. That part was draining and terrifying to write, but with huge chunks of fun too. Very roller coaster for me.
      A lot of people seem to like Track, with the exception of one beta reader. I think Darshan might win on the romantic front, though. He has more book time to be overtly so and a pov, both of which Tracker lacks until An Unexpected Gift.

      (I know it’s long, and To Target the Heart is looking like it’ll be a similar length, but it would’ve killed me to find suitable places to split it after the first section.)

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      1. Finished it last night with my love of Tracker intact! Dylan might have peeved me off a bit, but he came through in the end!

        I feel a bit bad for loving what you finally did with Authril. I was afraid you might redeem her character.

        Even though it’s long, there’s no good place to split it into sections without cliffhangers (or rewriting section endings to give more apparent closure). It’s a commitment, but well worth the journey!

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