So Many Updates…

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update post. Most of that is because I’ve been splitting my time between writing and playing God of War (with the writing coming first, you understand, playtime is only for later). A portion of my absence is also due to a cold and my daughter’s birthday. She’s twelve now.

We’ve a new kitty. My daughter spent over a year proving that she could handle the responsibility of a kitten.

To Target the Heart hasn’t been shirking in climbing its word count goals. At the moment, I’m sitting on chapter ten and writing both that and eleven at the same time. There’s around 67,000 words right now, with most of it in the first eleven chapters. I’m very chuffed about that.

I’ve settled on a soft word count total of 225k. That’s about 4500 words per chapter… so roughly how In Pain and Blood‘s chapters laid out, just with fewer of them… at the moment, anyway. I know better, especially where there’s still a few things to flesh out.

I also had a little interview published the other day.

I’m currently set to have a cover image started in June, which will mean I’ll be spending months sitting on the cover image for ages, but I think I understand his process a little better now and I have the ability (thanks to In Pain and Blood) so I’m not waiting.

20180509_162940[1]Have I mentioned I’ve a hardback of In Pain and Blood? I feel like I have, just maybe not here. It’s slightly bigger than the paperback due to it also having the novella extra, An Unexpected Gift. It’s on preorder at the moment. (You know what’s weird? B&N has the hardback, but not the paperback even though they were both set up through ingramspark.)

My local library was moved to a temporary location a few months back due to the building being deemed not earthquake safe. The new space is limited, but I learnt that they’re keeping the popular books there. That includes Dark One’s Mistress! Like wow!

I’ve also learnt that they are accepting new books, so yay for being able to put the IPaB hardback in!



Finally, I’ve a new lock screen on my phone (sorry Track)…

PATREON8004 Aldrea
Prince Hamish of Tirglas by Eveline.


2 thoughts on “So Many Updates…

  1. Love the pic of Hamish! And that’s a hefty looking hard back there! Kitty probably doesn’t want her(his?) tail to wind up underneath it.

    Happy birthday to your daughter! I’ve loved seeing the kitty photos pop up on fb. Adorable!


    1. She did a great job, especially given that I wasn’t entirely sure how to explain what I wanted. The original hair was a little more copper than orangey-red, but I know enough photoshop to fix that.
      The hardback’s not all that heavier than the paperback, the novella adds about 54 pages at this size.
      And Kätzchen, my little mascot, is a she. Both the new kitties are.


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