Ten chapters down! Forty more to go…

This should’ve taken me far sooner than it did, but I blame that on me bouncing between two chapters, but… Chapter ten of To Target the Heart is finally complete! Well, the first draft version of it, but yay!

In terms of overall word count, we’ve reached 74k. So… I’m not speeding along, but I am moving and that’s always a good thing, yeah? A lot of that is sitting in a mess of a bit n’ pieces file that I really need to sort out, but eh…

Learnt a few new things about my boys over that time. Some useful, (Hamish hates blue, especially when compared to his eye colour) others, not so much (apparently, men in Minamist are circumcised as a rite of adulthood. Not sure what I’m going to do with that information, but… uh… thanks, Dar? I… guess?)


I’ve a new home screen on my phone, too…

(sorry Dylan, you and Track can still haunt my dining room wall though)

PATREON8005 Aldrea
Darshan vris Mhanek of the Udynea Empire by Eveline.


2 thoughts on “Ten chapters down! Forty more to go…

  1. Love the picture. He’s much softer looking than the other one of him.

    Ten chapters down is a pretty good rate. Man, I wish I could go that fast…

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    1. I think the separate sides of him the two artist zeroed in on helps the difference as well as their styles. The other image is more his court persona, whilst this would be more how Hamish would see him.


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