Ground to a halt

This month’s 20k goal was going strong, I’d managed to hit 2700 in the first four days despite having taken one of those days off…

Then last Monday happened.

If you’ve not seen the video on my Facebook page, a leak revealed itself in our kitchen. Found the first signs at about 2:30am that morning. Spent the rest of the day poking holes in walls to discover the source. The leak may be fixed thanks to my partner, but the damage remains. As of now, we’re not sure as to the costs, but it may involve the whole kitchen as the floor’s pretty sodden and the whole bench under the sink is beyond saving.

In all, it’s not exactly conducive to writing. I’ve halved my goal this month, for the moment. I may have to nix the rest of the month completely if it turns out we have to find temporary accommodation.

2 thoughts on “Ground to a halt

  1. I saw the video and that really sucks. It reminds me of when my foundation broke and my downstairs flooded. Or when I turned on the water in the back and it started spraying water into my son’s room. And my best friend is currently dealing with flooding in her basement too. What is it with water woes?

    I hope things get resolved, dried out, and cleaned up quickly and inexpensively.

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    1. Thanks. I hope so, too.
      They’ve started the drying out process with two massive dehumidifiers roaring away in the kitchen and hall (will have them for five days, they reckon). The rest we won’t know until they start tearing it up, but they need to test for mould, asbestos and all that first.


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