No, it’s not about the kitchen, sadly. We’re still in limbo there.

Those of you who are following my blog on the regular might’ve already noticed a few changes, mainly because I spent the better part of the day transferring all the information on my old website to WordPress. Even my domain links here now. The blog is no longer Thardrandian Thoughts, it’s still the same blog, though. Will it be a long-haul thing or temporary? I dunno, yet. But at least it’s all in one place.

2 thoughts on “Remodelling

    1. Thanks. Yeah, waaaaay beyond. I was, originally, only going to self-publish The Rogue King Saga, hence “Thardrandian Publications” and the logo, which is the main continent. On the plus side, no one’s likely to get me confused with another publisher. 🙂


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