#Campnanowrimo – The Halfway Point


The second week of Camp National Novel Writing Month is often the hardest for me, doubly so when my dear partner gives me his cold. Regardless, I’ve jumped over the 10k mark. By tomorrow, I’ll have reached an overall total of 100k!

I’ve yet to finish another chapter in To Target the Heart, mostly because I’m jumping all over the later chapters. It doesn’t help that the simple flow I thought the story would have near the end has turned a little more complicated with the addition of a few pieces that seem like a fitting reaction by one particular character. See, I know I could stop the story when it turns to Udynea, but I’ve always been aiming at a peaceful, and happy, ending for these two.

Something tells me there’s going to be less preparing for a wedding at the end and more… uh… unexpectedness… because this section of a scene, from Darshan’s pov, imposed itself on me as I breached the fogginess of sleep this morning…


Gordon halted before the throne and bowed. “Mhanek,” he said to Darshan’s father before offering a slightly shallower bow to Darshan. “vris Mhanek. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.”

“Your highness,” his father replied, graciously bowing his head. “I hear your family tends to prefer the confines of the royal clan’s territory. To what do we owe the honour of your presence?”

“Officially?” Gordon straightened, standing with a casual air and his hands clasped behind him. “I am here to declare war for the death of me brother at the hand of your son.”

War? Darshan stiffened in his seat. He knew Queen Fiona was pissed about what she saw as the death of her son, but surely not enough to risk the lives of her people.

“Officially,” his father mused. He rubbed at his cheek with the back of a finger, then flicked his hand in a twitching gesture to dismiss all others in the room. The muffling bubble of a shield encompassed the three of them as people filed out. “That’s a rather specific phrase. Do you mean to say you’ve a reason that is somewhat less official?”

“Aye,” Gordon replied before clearing his throat. “I am also—unofficially you understand?—here to see him.”

2 thoughts on “#Campnanowrimo – The Halfway Point

    1. Few people actually want a war with Udynea. It’s a hulking empire with a claim to a third of the continent and full of powerful spellsters to boot. Niholia or Stamekia would have a chance if they quibbled, but not Tirglas. At least, not if they left their hilly lands to face off against people that could slay them from a distance.


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