#Campnanowrimo – 15,000 words reached


So, at the beginning of this month’s Camp National Novel Writing Month, I committed to a minimum of 15k. I hit that mark today and also finished another chapter some days back.

For now, things are going smoothly (even if the kitchen is still a wreck), so I’m aiming for my usual 20k a month and seeing how much over that I can get because, judging by how To Target the Heart has been going, I get the feeling this won’t be much smaller than In Pain and Blood. I mean, I’m already on chapter fifteen and I’ve yet to get them on their two-week trip to the cloister and back (which I’m hoping will only take three chapters, four max), never mind the trials and the journey to Udynea and everything happening there, because that place is crazy…


Hamish took one of the goblets, gingerly grasping the stem. It felt so fine beneath his fingers that he feared the glass might snap if held any tighter. He eyed the liquid within; a cloudy, pale yellow like year old hay. Sebzahaa. Whilst the latter part of the word eluded him, seb meant apple in the common Udynean tongue. He breathed deep and, sure enough, the sweet aroma of fruit tickled his senses. Cider, then?

“I see we’re immersing ourselves in the festivities,” Darshan said, halting at his side.

“Aye,” he admitted, raising his drink. He went to take a sip.

Darshan gently lowered the goblet with a single finger on the rim of the glass. “I would not drink that if you value your life,” he murmured in Tirglasian. “Any drink ending with zahaa is poisoned.”

2 thoughts on “#Campnanowrimo – 15,000 words reached

  1. Oh dear. Yeah, best avoid those drinks. But wouldn’t indicating the drink was poisoned by naming it something defeat the purpose of the poisoning?

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