Another Month, Another 20k

The whispers of a new kitchen are getting louder. Might be adding a laundry floor to that, too, considering where the new washing machine sits is slowly giving way. Honestly, I think the only thing stopping it from tipping back into the almighty sag going on behind it is the fact it’s actually leaning on a wall.

But my writing has been moving along at quite the clip. I hit my usual monthly goal of 20k on the 26th and pressed on for a few more thousand, even adding 600 words to a short story on my “day off”. Tonight, I hit 22k. And I think I’ll leave it there for this month. That gives me a nice overall total of 133k.


What happens next month? I don’t rightly know. The kitchen is supposed to be being rebuilt, so I guess we’ll see when and how well I do writing with several strangers tearing apart the room just at my back, especially when we’ve a serving hole in that wall.

2 thoughts on “Another Month, Another 20k

  1. Sounds like a lot of construction going on over there.

    Wow, 22K in one month. That’s pretty good. So another month and you’ll be about halfway through the story, based on your size estimation?


    1. They’ll be mostly here for floors and walls. We are doing the cabinets. I just wish I knew when, because no one is telling me anything!

      And yeah, about another 17k and it’ll be halfway. I don’t rightly know if it’ll reach the same wordcount heights as IPaB, but I wouldn’t be surprised given that I expected Darshan to be partway through the trials by chapter twenty, but they’ve not even reached the cloister…


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