No Kitchen – Day 1

The builders arrived today (hallelujah). My daughter and I had to leave super early anyhow because of the cultural festive her Kapa Haka group were participating in, so it wasn’t too bad. We were able to have breakfast in relative peace before washing up and packing everything back into the dining room.

The kitchen as it stood this morning.


So far, they’ve torn up a fair bit of the floor (still a piece left of the old stuff by the doorway). Found out a piece of the wall’s framework is still damp, (we’re currently tackling that with the dehumidifier). They plan to tackle the laundry next, because of the hole in the floor and the mould on the shared wall to the kitchen. Not sure what that’ll mean in there yet.

The kitchen as of midday. After this, they basically just put a floor down.


2 thoughts on “No Kitchen – Day 1

    1. Oh yeah. Lots of work… and they’re not even putting in the new bench. We are. On the bright side, we can use this as an opportunity to change the layout into something a little more cooking friendly.


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