I am a Powerhouse!

With the builders being here this month, I never intended to do the usual 20k this month. But I wanted to get to 150k. So I gave myself a goal of just under 17k.

I managed to plough through most of it during the weeks we waited for the builders, hitting around 14k in the weekend before they arrived. But once the the 24th hit… Well, for a bit there, I thought I certainly wasn’t able to write anything during the day with the banging and power tools going on right behind me. And a few days left me just too exhausted to write (and cold, it’s spring already, gimmie my warm days ffs).

But as you might’ve guessed by now. I DID IT!

To Target the Heart now has 150,000 words attached to it!


The kitchen is still just an empty room. But the floor is wonderfully flat and solid now.

2 thoughts on “I am a Powerhouse!

  1. WOOHOO! On both the word count and that the floor is flat and solid. I’ve loved the snippets you’ve posted so far, and I’m in utter love with your character images. I can’t wait until I get to read the full story!

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    1. Now if only the builders would get off their butts to finish the laundry floor. Ten days with no kitchen is no joke. -_-
      On the brighter side, we’ve ordered the kitchen and my partner is picking it up today. It’s a lot of building to be done, but we’ll certainly get through it quicksmart.


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