The End of the Month Update

I hit my 15k goal for this month, despite taking quite a few days off. I probably hit it several times without knowing, considering everything I’ve cut. But we don’t count new on top of old over here. If the goal is five hundred words and two hundred are deleted along the way, write seven.

So how goes Dark One’s Bride? Well, of the 24 chapters, 23 are complete. Sounds fabulous, right? That’s like almost done.

Yeah, nah.

Of those chapters, only the first 15 are the ones I plan on keeping as they stand. I may have to go over the earlier chapters to ensure I’m not repeating myself and everything meshes character-wise, but those 15 are done done.

I’m chuffed that I managed to get as far as I have, seeing that Chapter 10 was where I originally left the story to pursue In Pain and Blood and, even after An Unexpected Gift was written, my muse preferred to dabble in the rest of the spellster series. That I’ve held off Darshan’s insistent “ahem, you left my story half done” is a feat in itself.

Now the last 9 chapters of DOB… Well, they used to be 10, but I’d already planned to chop one out in favour of another path. Chapter 16 needs to be written in full because that’s from the new plotline, so that’s where I’m at.

Whilst the rest…

I’m basically making a patchwork with everything from chapter 17 onwards, stripping all the conversations I want and stitching them into the new storyline. Some pieces will survive more or less as is, like the wedding scene, other pieces will be torn to shreds (the problem chapters of 17, 18 & 19 are to undergo this to the extreme with the first two possibly merging).

I also can’t believe day two of this whole story took seven chapters. No, that’s a lie. I can. They cover the whole day whereas the rest of the days are touched on here and there.

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