Just Stop It!

When I first started the spellster series, I was pretty adamant that each couple’s story would be confined to one book, with maybe the odd novella appearing here and there to expand on things.

But the events that will transpire (or rather, unknowingly have transpired, depending on how you look at the timeline) made it pretty clear to me that a continent-wide war is brewing.

That war is going to affect a number of couples.


In the north, there’s Dylan and Tracker. They’re going to be right in the line of fire, so to speak. Along with them are Emma and Rónio. They’ll all be forced either south, right into Udynea. Two of those people are elves, one of them is a damn Nulled One, he’s gonna wind up with his ass being shipped off to the Mhanek if he’s not careful.

Even in Udynea, my couples aren’t safe. We’ve Adya and Kaheran still likely licking their wounds from Through Smoke and Fire. There’s poor Krissi and her Ghost, they’ve uprooted their family once already. And as for Darshan and Hamish… those two are definitely gonna have to get involved.

Further from there, and well out of the way of the approaching threat, is Niholia. Now, Galina and Kallen will no doubt have their say, but I can’t see it being much. Stamekia will likely come to the fore, as Rami will have some guilt over his father’s part in all of it and Tahu is likely to follow.

Just what are they up against?


It’s an innocent enough sounding name. She’s the daughter of one of the original elves to land on the continent and a slave to a noble who has been dead for centuries… which is kind of how she’s meant to be. Dead. But she was brought back by the God-Emperor Sharik (yes, the bad guy in Extinguishing the Sun. Is it any wonder he thinks of himself as a god when he can bring centuries-dead people back to life?) who wished to use her knowledge to find the Doom of the World.

Well, she found it.

Are you happy now, Sharik? Are you bloody happy to have started the end of days with the elves at the fore? I hope you fecking are!

Very rough cover with the prospective title


ffs… Finish one story and get another… *grumble*

2 thoughts on “Just Stop It!

  1. Sounds epic to me. 🙂 Gotta love those world wide stories that grow and grow and GROW!

    Cover looks cool. I can’t see the word “AND” very well. “With” also fades into the backgrounds too. But the gears excite my inner steampunk. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And to think, it all started with one little tale and an elf who wouldn’t shut up. Guess, I’ll need to settle the timeline to keep everything straight. But yes, everything clicked once I put the old tale of Mapmaker into the equation and let her run free. That’ll have to come first, of course. And all the others before that.

      Yeah. I’ll mess with the typography further once I’m closer to writing it. For now, it serves its purpose as a placeholder. And yes, GEARS! The elves have bloody steam engines and guns! I already know that much of the elven population at Tovehalvön will be left behind in the invasion, that includes Track and the spellsters who made it through from Demarn, whilst humans and dwarves flee into Udynea and Cezhory.
      Already, I can see this taking its toll on me… -_-


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