Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


Sticking with continuing on from last week’s snippet from my wip, To Target the Heart.

For those of you catching up… Darshan and Hamish are a pair of thirty-something princes from two vastly different lands who have both never been in a relationship before.

Darshan is the spellster ambassador from the ginormous Udynea Empire sent to negotiate trade relations with Tirglas. Whereas Hamish is the third eldest child of the Tirglasian queen who has been kept on a tight leash by his mother.


The prior sentence was: Punishment he understood—being in Tirglas was his punishment—but it was what he’d done and with whom, not that the act had been with a man.

[Darshan] gnawed on the inside of his lip as a frustration-laced sigh whistled out his nose. Why—Gods, why?—couldn’t the man he found utterly irresistible have been someone who had not spent almost two-thirds of his adult life forced into celibacy by their wretched mother? Their damn queen, no less. With a head full of ancient scriptures and her intentions only on ensuring her brood filled the world with more of her clan. Disgusting.

I could walk away. That had been an option since he’d first kissed the man. Not that he’d been able to shake Hamish from his dreams no matter how hard he tried. Were a few nights of pleasure worth dragging Hamish into a worst situation than the man was already in?

He wished he had an objective enough stance on the matter to answer that truthfully.

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Having staved off the idea of marrying a woman for years, Prince Hamish finds himself forced to face its realities when he becomes the prize in a contest of arms. But one contestant promises a way out. Can they win against all the odds?


35 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

  1. Love Darshan and really feel his pain in this tough decision… but surely the choice has to be Hamish’s at the end of the day – how would he feel if he’d opened himself up like this for the first time and then Darshan walked away? Poor guys -big decisions!

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