Her little bundle – WeWriWa – #8sunday


This week, I’m leaving my wip to take a snippet from the short story I’m releasing this Mother’s Day… The Leap to Freedom


Run. Don’t stop. And don’t look down.

Stranded in a human-ruled land that has no mercy for an elf, Vala has two goals: protect her baby girl and follow her wife to a place where there is no fear of slavery. But will this new world allow her to slip through their grip?


Punctuation messed with slightly to fit…

The elders had cautioned against attempting this journey with a child still dependant on mother’s milk. She’d defied them anyway. What other option was there? Leave her daughter to die a slow death in the wild or a swift one at the hands of the round-eared monsters that chased them still?

Her thoughts flinched from the very thought. The girl had already lost her birth mother during their voyage across the ocean. Vala had laid claim to the tiny bundle without question despite having no kinship to her. Still, she had choked down the bitter herbs that allowed her nurse.

This was her baby, now. Her little girl, and she owed it to her daughter to do the best a mother could.

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12 thoughts on “Her little bundle – WeWriWa – #8sunday

  1. Wow. This makes me want to read more. Just shows “motherhood” isn’t only physical. It’s nurturing and protectiveness.


  2. Touching situation, and fairly intense. Loved the “round-eared monsters” comment! I got tripped up over the sentence after that; thoughts flinching at thoughts? Maybe it’s just me. Great look into your story though!


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