To Target the Heart – 100%

TTtH_HidingIt’s been an age since I’ve commented on writing, especially on how far I’ve gotten with To Target the Heart. I’ve been so consumed with finishing that and getting Dark One’s Bride ready (recently, its cover reveal) that a lot of things have been shuffled aside in favour of getting these final chapters done. After the final proofread of DOB, I had two chapters left. Two! One being the wrap-up and epilogue, whilst one is a little further back, left because it was giving me a spot of trouble at the time.

But tonight, at around 10:30pm, To Target the Heart has finally snuggled its way to completion!

It’s sitting just nicely at a little over 210k, too. So, I’m very pleased with my decision to divide the two storylines into two novels. Gives what’s currently being called To Poison a Prince a little room to breathe.


In the meantime, consider joining us on the 5th of August for the cover reveal of Dark One’s Bride.

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