Tirglas – A Land of Giants

“Is everything in this kingdom so frutzian huge? I mean the horses, the hills… The men. A little forewarning that this was a land of giants would have been nice.”

– Darshan vris Mhanek, To Target the Heart

One of the main differences between Darshan and Hamish is the latter’s height (not super surprising considering I’ve a soft spot for height differences in couples).

Darshan is at the lower end of the typical height range for men in the southern end of the Udynea Empire. That puts him at around 5’5. His twin sister is also around the same height. He’s not bothered.

Now Hamish is also an average Tirglasian specimen, but that means something a little different. In reality, he’s built like a bull and stands at a lofty 6’5. He’s not the tallest in his family (that goes to his father) or even considered as tall.


So, for the most part, the main cast for To Target the Heart looks like…

Darshan ain’t much taller than one of Hamish’s nephews


2 thoughts on “Tirglas – A Land of Giants

    1. I think the biggest height difference is with Lasil and Veng (comparable to Hamish and Daama here). But Hamish and Darshan are, so far, the couple with the biggest height difference. Not yet sure what the gap’s going to be with Gaalen and Vemados, but the latter’s a nomadic elf, so… likely in the four-foot category.

      Thank you. After trying to fit all the books on it and failing, I figured it was time for a change.


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