The Spellster Timeline – Take II

Back in February, I started slotting the stories within the Spellster Series into a chronological sequence and, based on what I already had for In Pain and Blood, stepped forward and back in time thanks to my trusty Aeon Timeline program.

There’s still quite a bit of refining to be done on exact dates, but the general flow has settled into, basically…


Spellster Timeline.png

The three titles at the beginning are from well in the past. A Vision of Doom is from before the elves land on the known world. Willow and The Leap to Freedom are just a little after.

Burning Beneath the Sun is the start of the modern timeline. Extinguishing the Sun is a little after, with Mapmaker set about part way through.

Rock-a-bye (the light green one that I’m still on the fence about) happens throughout a lifetime of one dude but, so far, the main events are around here. This is the one which is likely to change position the most.

Next is To Target the Heart, which is followed by its sequel, To Poison a Prince. But Through Smoke and Fire & Spectre of the Golden Voice also happen at the same time as TPaP and events in both stories intersect it.

Some of the events in In Pain and Blood kind of happen along with those in the other three, but the bulk of the story starts a little later. Whereas And the World Crumbled happens smack in the middle of IPaB. They’re both followed by An Unexpected Gift, and In Dust and Darkness comes along a few months after that (and yes, it does have Dylan and Tracker).

Between Heart and Home jumps at least a year. More likely a couple. Then a few more pass before we reach Down the Path of Shadows. Until we finally reach With Magic and Steam about a year later.

In all, roughly twelve years pass between the beginning of Burning Beneath the Sun and the ending of an era.

2 thoughts on “The Spellster Timeline – Take II

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of books! Looking at the proposed word counts on the side bar, I’m guessing most of them are going to be under 100K?

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