Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


Still continuing with the wip To Poison a Prince for snippets whilst I write a whole other novella.

For those of you catching up… Darshan and Hamish are a pair of thirty-something princes from two vastly different lands who are now travelling through the ginormous Udynea Empire that Darshan is from on their way to the capital.


This one is carrying on from last week and ended with: “You cannae let her have any quarter, nae even to protect me. Hamish’s reminder echoed through his mind.”

Darshan was used to having his words twisted and thrown back at him, he just hadn’t expected it from his husband. He’d been far more preoccupied with wondering if Onella had known they would reach the docks at that time. It seemed more likely that her messenger had sat around for days waiting for their arrival. According to his own network, those under his half-sister’s employ were a useless sort.

Yet, she knew he was married. That alone smacked of her relying on siphoning the dregs from their father’s imperial network of eyes and ears. If she still had access to them, then she was still in their father’s favour and surely wouldn’t jeopardise that position by going back on her promise to refrain from endangering Darshan’s life.

He was confident the protection from her mechanisms would stand as long as their father still lived, just as he had been forbidden to permanently remove her. Their spouses and any children were likewise exempt from a lethal strike, not that Darshan had any desire to drag his nephew into their little spat.

All this, Hamish knew and he still agreed that attending would be better than just slipping out of the city.

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Hamish is finally free to live with the man who won his heart.
If only someone didn’t keep trying to ruin his happily-ever-after.


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