2020 Goals

Happy 2020!

Over the last few New Years, I’ve set myself a few writing goals.  Last year, about half of them got done. My goals for this year are few in number, but will require a lot more of my time.


The Goals…

  • Get To Target the Heart, edited and published. This is complete and has gone through a few edits. I’m currently going through the last one and aiming for a mid-April release.
  • Tidy up Someone Else’s Shoes. The idea for this novella popped up at the end of October and utterly captivated my muse. The first draft is finished and all set to go through editing.
  • Write, and maybe finish, To Poison a Prince. Because of the above novella needing to be written and edited within a certain timeframe, TPaP got shuffled to one side.
  • Do my LGBT FANTASY ROMANCE READING CHALLENGE. It’s 30 books, less if I combine points, but still…


What goals do you have for 2020?

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