Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


Still neck-deep in the final edits for To Target the Heart but I believe I’ll be done by next weekend. After which, I shall be changing my snippets to those from Someone Else’s Shoes.

So this’ll likely be the last of Darshan and Hamish for a wee while.

This snippet skips ahead a bit from last week with them entering the soirée Darshan’s sister is hosting.

The door swung inwards as they neared, bisecting the image of the tree and allowing golden light to spill into the foyer. Darshan strode through the doorway with barely a pause, leaving Hamish to follow.

The whole room shone with a golden light. Hamish halted beside his husband at the top of the stairs—an elven man also shared the landing, there to announce attendees as they entered—blinking to see anything beyond the glow. He caught flashes of colour when he squinted, but little else.

The elven man bowed, his tanned face gaining a sickly shade. “His imperial highness,” he announced, his booming voice neatly cutting the chatter below, “Darshan vris Mhanek, and…” With his face gaining colour at double the speed he had lost it, the man’s eyes darted from Darshan to Hamish. The elf wet his lips, clearly torn between assuming and enquiring. “His husband…?” The tight note of a question lingered in that last word.

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Having staved off the idea of marrying a woman for years, Prince Hamish finds himself forced to face its realities when he becomes the prize in a contest of arms. How can he win with the odds stacked against him?

To Target the Heart – Spellster Series, Book 2
Currently on pre-order


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