Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


We’re still on my fairytale novella, Someone Else’s Shoes, that’ll be in the box set Once Upon Another World, even if I’m currently adding another chapter.

For those catching up, it’s set in the same spellster series world as To Target the Heart and In Pain and Blood, just in another empire and back a few generations from what I call “the modern timeline” of those novels.

It’s an F/F take on Cinderella with a trans princess.

We’re carrying on from last week, where Alla’s cleaning was rudely interrupted by Tamara snapping her fingers in Alla’s face and ending with Tamara demanding that she “Answer me when I speak, girl.” (punctuation slightly altered to fit)

“I heard you,” Alla retorted, cupping her ears. The dead could likely hear her stepsister, what with how abysmally loud each one of Tamara’s snaps was. “It would help if you pointed out where.” She spied no flaw in her work; not even when she sat back on her heels and gave each tile a critical eye.

Still, perhaps her stepsister saw something Alla couldn’t.

Tamara narrowed her dark eyes. They gleamed in the midday light; not as sharply as Alla’s stepmother, but with an echo of the same cruelness she reserved for those she considered beneath her. “Right here.” With a deft kick to the nearby bucket, Tamara upended the contents.

Cold, silty water splashed Alla and washed out onto the tiles.

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Someone Else’s Shoes
Exclusively in the Once Upon Another World Box Set

Currently on pre-order for 99c


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