Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


We’re still on my fairytale novella, Someone Else’s Shoes, that’ll be in the box set Once Upon Another World.

For those catching up, it’s set in the same spellster series world as To Target the Heart and In Pain and Blood, just in another empire and back a few generations from what I call “the modern timeline” of those novels.

It’s an F/F take on Cinderella with a trans princess.

We’re carrying on from last week, where Alla’s stepsister, Tamara, upended the watery contents of a bucket all over Alla… (punctuation slightly altered to fit)

Even knowing it was too late, Alla scrambled to her feet. The water had managed to collect her from top to bottom. Her hair was sodden; the skirts of her dress clung to her legs like seaweed. “What—?”

“Oh dear,” Tamara gasped, poorly concealing her smirk behind her fingers. “Just look at the mess you’ve made, Little Soot. How clumsy of you. One would think, what with your muddled heritage, that you would be at least reasonably graceful.”

Alla bit her tongue. Being elven—or even half—was not a guarantee of grace.

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Someone Else’s Shoes
Exclusively in the Once Upon Another World Box Set

Currently on pre-order for 99c


18 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

  1. I could visualize the scene all right! Was there a word missing here maybe => “The water had managed to collect her from top to bottom.” I mean, I certainly understood the situation though…great snippet.

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