Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday


We’re still on my fairytale novella, Someone Else’s Shoes, that’ll be in the box set Once Upon Another World.

For those catching up, it’s set in the same spellster series world as To Target the Heart and In Pain and Blood, just in another empire and back a few generations from what I call “the modern timeline” of those novels.

It’s an F/F take on Cinderella with a trans princess.

We’re carrying on from last week, but skipping a little further past Alla moping up the mess her stepsister had made…

“Oh, my lady.”

Alla glanced up at the familiar cry. Her heart thumped a few extra beats as she hastened to confirm no one else but herself shared the foyer with the old woman. “ ‘Dett, we’ve spoken about this. You can’t call me that. It’s just Alla.” No matter how many times Alla told the woman, she always had to remind Odette not to refer to her in such a manner. Neither of them could ever be too certain of word getting back to Alla’s stepmother. And if it did…?

Odette waved the concern away as if angering Alla’s stepmother didn’t mean a lashing.

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Someone Else’s Shoes
Exclusively in the Once Upon Another World Box Set

Currently on pre-order for 99c


26 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

  1. I love that last line, it says a lot about Odette. And this little snippet says a lot about their relationship – I got the sense Alla is just as concerend about Odette getting a thrashing as herself.

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