Rainbow Snippets: A swift strike…

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week and share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation.

And the World Crumbled is my current work in progress that I’m halfway into. It’s a dark fantasy/horror novella set a few days before the end of In Pain and Blood and follows Henrie, an elven spellster, as he tries to escape the events happening around him.

It’s the darkest piece I’ve written to date. Lots of death, blood and general nastiness. If gore and mentions of death/dying bother you, don’t read on.

Continuing on from last week…

He knew only that the people responsible for all this death were garbed identically to the King’s Hound who had taken Dylan all those weeks ago. But hounds hunted spellsters outside the tower, not within. The tower had always been the one place where spellsters were safe from them.

Yet, for anyone to reach the central tower, they would’ve had to enter the outer courtyard and pass through two guarded gates without giving any cause for alarm.

And they’d struck swiftly as he had always imagined hounds might. A single one had taken out an entire room of adult spellsters with very little effort, paying no heed to the panicked bursts of magic flung their way either, as though they were used to fighting against it. Who else but a hound would have that experience?

And the World Crumbled will continue next week. In the meantime, check out these other snippets.

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