International Authors’ Day Bloghop #IntAuthorsDay

    If you haven't heard about International Author's Day, it's a day started up by Debdatta at b00k r3vi3ws to celebrate authors and show our appreciation for all the work they put into books by writing about favourites, or how we got into reading/why you love reading... Whatever!     Anne McCaffrey has been my … Continue reading International Authors’ Day Bloghop #IntAuthorsDay

Secondary Characters Bloghop

Hosted by Theresa Paolo, Jenny Morris, Kelley Lynn, Suzi Retzlaff & Jessica Salyer.My favourite secondary character has to be Finn, from Jennifer Roberson's Cheysuli Series, starting with Shapechanger. I'm not entirely sure if he counts as his story gets fleshed out throughout the first three books, but it's never fully told. To hell with it, I say.I started off with … Continue reading Secondary Characters Bloghop