The Writer’s Voice – Contest Entry #63

For those who don’t know, this is my entry into The Writer’s Voice contest.Improved version added 23rd May 2012.DragonAdult FantasyQueryMaayin, the eighteen-year-old adopted daughter to the lord of Byron’s Peak, has learnt she is the last of the free female dragons. She has spent all of her life looking like and thinking of herself as being human. … Continue reading The Writer’s Voice – Contest Entry #63

65,000 words and we’re done!

The end is no longer nigh. It has come and gone. This evening, after much back-and-forth sending of my daughter to feed and play with the pet lamb, I finally managed to type the end sentence of Dragon.I honestly thought this one would've been done at sixty thousand, sixty-one thousand words tops.But no, several of the chapters snowballed passed the rough 'around 2500 … Continue reading 65,000 words and we’re done!

Ever creeping

For some reason, I'm all abuzz this month. Here we are, barely into the double digits of June and 'Dragon' has near reached the forty thousand mark. Admittedly, I haven't been typing some days. Our old horse had the abscess in his forehoof burst yesterday. Between his incaseration and other appointments, I've been running back and forth from being home and … Continue reading Ever creeping

Twenty Thousand Words and Still Trucking

My latest story, Dragon, passed the twenty thousand mark this evening.I find there's always something amazing about reaching that number. Magical even. An intoxicating blend of affirmation that I'm making headway and astonishment that I've made it so far (sounds like a tea, doesn’t it? A delightfully sweet cuppa).Better yet, it’s happened with my daughter’s preschool/school demands, … Continue reading Twenty Thousand Words and Still Trucking