Free Stuff

Every so often, I’ll do something, write something, that I just gets put out there, although they’re shared in others places, they’ll often get pushed aside by newer things… even on my own blog. Such is the way of the world.
That’s where this page comes into play. As I share on the web, they’ll also crop up here, whether through links or to a hidden page on this site.
The Blank Page – A Flash Fiction on being faced with a completely fresh page and having to fill it with words all the whilst doubting it can ever be done. Otherwise known as: every writer’s struggle.
Wattpad – The first chapter of my published works can always be found free right on my website. But there are a few of my works on Wattpad.
Right now, there’s the entirety of Dragon, along with a few chapters of The Shadow Prince and In Pain and Blood.

Fanfiction Pieces

I’m a gamer and I make no secret about this fact. Dark One’s Mistress actually came to me during a time when I was otherwise zoned out before the screen, remorselessly zapping pixel people. Most of the games I play are of the role playing persuasion. Notably those of the Dragon Age ‘verse. And because, no, my writing doesn’t even leave me in peace here, I’ve gathered a modest collection of short stories and flash pieces based around my OCs.

To make it simple and easy, they’re all on Archive of Our Own. Be warned, some are a little on the raunchy side (they’re based on M-rated games after all).