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Welcome to Aldrea Alien’s published works!

Whether you’re looking for something epic like the ever-expanding LGBT universe that is the Spellster Series, something gothic and a little sweeter like Dark One’s Trilogy or maybe a quick read fairytale retelling like Someone Else’s Shoes, everything Aldrea has written and published can be found here!

A set of tales told within the same world but loosely tied together. Most of the books have an lgbt cast with main characters being gay, lesbian, bi, pan or trans. The stories are divided into several groups: the modern timeline and the stories set before. The modern timeline is further divided by the pairings.

Prequel Stories

F/F Action Adventure
Horror Short Story

Princesses of the Sands

F/F Cinderella Retelling

A Tale of Two Princes

M/M Fantasy Romance

Spellster and the Hound

M/M Bi-awakening Fantasy
#0, LGBT Dark Fantasy
#1, M/M Bi-awakening Fantasy
#1.5, LGBT Horror
Coming March 2023
#2, M/M Bi-awakening Fantasy Romance
Coming 2023
#2.5, M/M Erotic Romance
Coming 2024




Coming Soon