Book Classifications

Because I write anything from clean romance to more on the erotic spectrum, I’m taking a leaf from the film classification system to lay out just what can be expected in each series/book…

PG 13

  • Dark One’s Trilogy – Older Young Adult/New Adult. No sex scenes. Some violence and gore may disturb.
  • Willow: A Spellster Short Story – Horror. No sex scenes. Mild violence.
  • The Leap to Freedom: A Spellster Short Story – Action. No sex scenes. A little violence.


(Like the films, I’m suggesting 16+)

Recommended 18+

(Contains graphic sex scenes and/or alcohol usage, violence, gore and other content that may disturb)
  • A Tale of Two Princes – Homophobia. Slavery. Parental abuse and depression. Mentions of past suicidal attempts and an on-page attempt. Mentions of child murder. Attempted and actual poisonings.
  • Spellster and the Hound – Depictions of mass murder, including that of children, and war. Biphobia, mental and physical abuse, threats and mentions of rape, PTSD, depiction of suicide, mentions/depictions of kidnapping & sex trafficking.