Spellster Universe

The Spellster Universe is a collection of fantasy series told from the perspective of various Main Characters as they fight against their bonds, whether physically, mentally or magically. Whilst the main theme of each series revolves around magic and love, some other themes involved are: slavery, finding their place in the world, as well as LGBT+ characters in a traditional epic fantasy setting.
Although I consider them as one big series, and they are linked through the same world, each series is a standalone.

Chronological reading order of the entire universe so far is:

The Leap to Freedom*
Someone Else’s Shoes* – Previously in the Once Upon Another World Box Set
To Target the Heart

To Poison a Prince
Tracking Trouble
In Pain and Blood
And the World Crumbled*
In Love and Death – 2024

In Hope and Freedom – 2025
An Unexpected Gift* – 2025

* These are either short stories or novellas told from the perspective of various characters in the spellster universe. Whilst most are separate from the main novels, some may intersect with or be a branch of them.