Works In Progress

This is where I shall be placing an overview of my works in progresses. What is a WIP and what is finished (not including editing/mini-rewrites). I’ve several stories on the go at the moment so the page will change from time to time.

Finished Stories


Dragon is a novel told from the perspective of young Jaimin and the even younger Maayin as they struggle to find a way to stop the disappearance of all dragonkind.

Work’s in Progress

Godless Series (sequel series to The Rogue King Saga) – The gods and the old devil have been imprisoned by the devil’s daughter causing the natural magic to fail. The legendary jewels of the All Mother have the power to free the gods and restore balance. Without them, their world will either fall or be doomed to live at the whim of the shadow. But procuring the long-buried gems may just mean death when the devil’s daughter seeks their end, if not full command over the jewels.
Starts with The Gems of Thardrandia – Currently at 23,000 words. (Pending Rewrite)

Anubis’ Handmaiden
In the year 2500 BC Amisi, a young priestess of Anubis, was sacrificed at the behest of Osiris. Mummified and imprisoned in an unmarked sarcophagus, all mention of her was stripped from history. Only the gods knew the real reason for such a drastic measure. Only one god mourned her death. His beloved lost to him, Anubis is banished to the edge of the afterlife.
Five thousand years later, and he comes across June, a young Englishwoman, when she is drawn towards the amulet he made for Amisi. She bears the priestess’ soul and, with his help, can relive pieces of Amisi’s life. Infused with the tumultuous memories, it is not long before June begins to fall for the god and walk in the priestess’ ancient footsteps. But loving the old god comes with a price even Anubis knew nothing about.

Currently at 8,000 words. (In free-flow form right now)


AelfahWho’d have thought that repairing a broken scooter would lead to falling for an alien? Space centaurs and fated unions, need I say more?

Currently at 9,300 words. (Pending)

Witch of MorthinSarna, beloved witch princess of Morthin, has discovered her mother’s passing was in fact an act of murder. She believes the killer to be her father and that she’s next. Already, murmurs of war have begun to surface, kept at bay by her presence.
But that will not matter for long. Someone is seeking to finish what the sorcerers of old once attempted and destroy the magic-wielding Zha’ah. They’ll succeed unless Sarna can find out who and stop them.
(Waiting on a rewrite.)

Sorcerer of the IslesPrince Lorn, husband to the Zha’ah Queen, Sarna, has long known of the witches’ origins from the magic crazed sorcerers, and how the first Zha’ah caged the old magic to their homeland. What he didn’t know was the sorcerers came from the isles of the north, the native land of his mother. And now, his wife and young son have gone missing.
(Semi-plotted sequel to Witch of Morthin.)