Cover Overhaul: The Sequel

So, some of you may recall I’ve been wriggling deeper into dealing with the title on The Rogue King.

This is where I last left off…

My dear CP, Loni, suggested yellow for the title and a number of people on goodreads thought that I really should amp up the size of my name, which even thought it’s not even my real name, I seem to be subconsciously keeping it understated.
But having spent most of my shopping day child-free, I returned home with some fresh ideas and a new angle.

This angle…

Can you tell I tried so many different techniques in between this piece and the previous one? It holds up well to be teeny-tiny, too.

I didn’t think I’d spend the better part of an hour rearranging two words, moving a them that little bit this way and that. And I worry … does it seem all squished because I’ve been staring at it for too long or because it is squished? Am I needlessly fussing or should I drop the title a smidge? Perhaps push the two words that tiny bit apart? Or maybe I need to come at it from yet another angle…

Ugh, it’s at times like this that I wish my other half was a designer rather than an electrician. “It’s your book cover” isn’t much of an answer.

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10 thoughts on “Cover Overhaul: The Sequel

  1. I like it! It stands out, and the blue sky isn't distracting me now. And I agree, your name does look better bigger. I personally don't think further tweaking is required, but I know what it's like to create your own cover, so I wouldn't be surprised if you do.


  2. Yellow was a good call.
    I don't think I'll touch this one for a bit, not unless I figure out where to put the series line without making it seem cluttered. Getting it just right sure is a wobbly balance. Don't want to upset it.


  3. Well, now, if that ain't a definitive answer for the latest version. ^_^

    I stared at so many covers last night to get an idea of sizes. I think I practically doubled the size of my name after that.


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