March, why you gotta be a hater?

And I thought that week in December was a bad month. 2012, I swear, you better start being good.

Last Friday, I was treated with a new computer (still getting used to a normal keyboard after years of typing on a laptop. For some reason I’m hitting fullstop when I want comma. I blame the longer shift key >_>). It’s got a lovely big screen and I no longer need to worry about it overheating in summer. But …
You note, I said last Friday? That’s practically a week ago. I’ve had no net since then. None. Nada! The last gasp of decent net action was Friday evening on the laptop.

Here’s a rundown of my week.

Friday: Get computer home. Non-recognition between d-link and new computer (setup worked with laptop). Still no wireless linkup by the way, I’m on dial-up with no future landline broadband for eight years. Bleh. I feel so bottom-of-the-world when I hear that. -_-
Saturday: Back and forth between the shop and a friend’s house. No luck with the old d-link despite their techie saying he’s updated the software. New d-link bought. Now runs like a charm. I’d no idea I get so many emails over 24 hours. Seriously.
Sunday: Massive, and I mean MASSIVE, lagging with windows updates and fighting the on-again/off-again connection. Of the 250MB there was to do, got through 90MB.
Monday: More updates. Total left 71MB.
Tuesday: A whole day trying to get 34MBs to download. Succeed and start on 37MB overnighter.
Wednesday: Get home and sick hubby has lovingly finished the last of the updates. *Glee* Now all there is left is to load a fresh version of Java so we (note: he) can have Runescape. I was happy just to get email up and running again.
Wednesday night: Phone line goes dead. We’ve three into the house, one for the house and two for computers, so that’s two cables. And my connection is, naturally, in the second cable. Check other lines. Rant.

Thursday: Discover there’s a half-broken branch lying against the still-strung lines. Go down bank with ladder. Put ladder against tree. Ladder and self not tall enough to free branch from lines. Cut bottom off branch anyway whilst swearing under breath (My right hand is bandaged. Guess which hand I needed to use). As of now, I’ve filched the other computer line, but that’ll not be an option come 8pm. My line should be up by then.
In the meantime, I’ve so many posts to catch up on. -_-

On the bright side: My Blue Mountains Pottery collection is dust free for the first time, some of the shelves aren’t cluttered with just plain old stuff and I’ve gotten so much typing done. I may even get Dragon over the 70k mark come next week. So far I’ve added another 4k to it. That’s another 182 words per chapter and I’ve still five chapters to go for the final edit.
Here’s me hoping the line can be easily repaired.

2 thoughts on “March, why you gotta be a hater?

  1. Yeah it can take a while. I found it was quite easy going from computer to laptop keyboard-wise (never got used to the pad though). The reverse … well, I’m still hitting the occasional wrong key. Lol

    Thank you. I’ve a feeling we’ll need all the luck we can get. I’m scared that the branch will snap before they get here. If it does, it’ll take out next door’s lines too. O_O


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