The HOOKERS and HANGERS Blogfest – Hookers

Time to take a small break from the Buccaneer Blogfest and, instead, pop on over to the Hookers and Hangers Blogfest.
This one is hosted by the group at Falling for Fiction and is about the first and last lines in our chapters and getting them polished to a state that makes a reader wait to keep on reading.
Today it’s all about the Hookers, and by that I mean the first sentence of a chapter (get your minds out of the gutter people, this ain’t about sports).
I can’t deny this was a hard, hard choice for me. It always is. I’m constantly plagued by the question of what one to use. Do I go for the favourite and do The Rogue King? Or should I toss the smaller sample of the incomplete Dark One’s Mistress? What of Dragon? But no! I have rested my choice on what I see as the darker, middle child of my writing (the black sheep, if you will).
My paranormal novella Golden Dawn.
Now, as we can post the first sentence of as many chapters as we want, I’ve chosen to do the whole lot.
Prologue: Moonlight glittered upon the frost-shrouded road.
Chapter One: Winter cloaked the valley in the whiteness creeping down from the mountains.
Chapter Two: Herald had climbed the eastern tower but once in his life.
Chapter Three: He raced down the tower steps and onwards through the hallways.
Chapter Four: The sound of people moving about the castle reached his ears as he made his way to the tower steps.
Chapter Five: There’d been only one time when they’d never had humans in the valley.
Chapter Six: Darkness ruled.

Chapter Seven: Half aware he slept, Herald shrugged a shoulder and rolled over.
Chapter Eight: Opening his eyes, he stared at the blank wall before him.
Chapter Nine: He thumped a fist against the shutters.
Chapter Ten: The sun set, urging him to wake.
Chapter Eleven: He lay in a bed.

Chapter Twelve: Gasping, Herald sat up.
Chapter Thirteen:His sister slipped, falling off the window sill, dragging him close to the edge.
Chapter Fourteen:Acarna took a small step back, face blank.
Chapter Fifteen: He leant against the crystal and stared out at the grey clouds churning in their gentle snow-heavy swirls.
Chapter Sixteen: Herald strode into the courtyard.
Chapter Seventeen:He awoke in darkness.
Chapter Eighteen:The subtle squeak of hinges reached him as the last drop of blood touched his lips.
Chapter Nineteen:He raced through the corridors, crashing into people and near tumbling down the stairs in his haste.
Chapter Twenty: Herald clutched his arm.
Chapter Twenty-One:No guards lurked near the bottom of the tower.
Chapter Twenty-Two:He brushed her hair aside, his mouth seeking her neck.
Chapter Twenty-Three:Herald stalked the corridors.
Chapter Twenty-Four:“So it comes to this.”
Chapter Twenty-Five:He climbed the coiling stairway, each step coming woodenly.
Epilogue: Acarna rose above the towers.

33 thoughts on “The HOOKERS and HANGERS Blogfest – Hookers

  1. As with your excerpts for the Buccaneer Blogfest, these were fantastic. Your use of descriptive language awes me. I especially liked this one: Winter cloaked the valley in the whiteness creeping down from the mountains. – so evocative.


  2. These are really and truly fantastic. You can wri-ite! You definitely hooked me. I'll be checking out your stuff for the other bloghop now! Cheers, Jeannette


  3. You can have my winter. I can't stand the cold weather, the wind, the rain.
    Fortunately, no snow this year. I'm part lizard you know. I'll go torpid in the cold. ^_^


  4. This story sounds like a really good read – I love to read about castles and the like.

    And i'm always a sucker for lines like this:

    Darkness ruled.


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