Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

wewriwa_square_3This week, my Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday Folk, it’s another snippet from Spectre of the Golden Voice.

The plot’s still being worked on (and, yes, is influenced by PotO) but this is a rough blurb…

When Krissi’s singing whilst working in the bowels of the theatre draws the attention of the theatre’s infamous Ghost, she finds herself under his private tutelage and thrust into the spotlight as tragedy threatens to shut down the theatre. As would-be suitors flock to her side to share her newfound fame, Krissi finds herself torn between protecting her family and following her heart.

This’ll be the last snippet from SotGV for a while, so I’m hopping a little further forward in the storyline where Krissi meets her ghost…

The candlelight hit him and her gaze was immediately drawn to the pearly mask. Triangular in shape, the mask ran across both eyes and part of his left cheek. Krissi made out his eyes as she alighted on the final step. One was as dark as the night and watched her draw closer as one might track the city’s slave collectors, whilst the other was the milky-grey of the blind.

He was short, even for an elf. Scrawny, too. The dark, ruffled shirt he wore was far too big and hung on him like a young boy wearing his brother’s hand-me-downs. White gloves peeked out from beneath the sleeve ruffles. His trousers had definitely seen finer days and his boots were in no better state.

She halted before him, her lips curling as her voice lashed the silence, “You are my ghost?”

Don’t forget to check out the other excerpts at Rainbow Snippets, too.

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