#Campnanowrimo – The First Week


It seems I have survived the first week of Camp National Novel Writing Month with a healthy 4779 words. In terms of passage through To Target the Heart, I’ve managed to complete one chapter… partially because I also moved another scene into a whole other chapter. It hasn’t been quite as trying as I’d feared, especially with the upheaval of last month, even with having to play catchup after going to Polyfest to watch my daughter’s Kapa Haka group.

So, I leave this week with a snippet that I had sitting in my bit’n’pieces file just waiting for the right spot (it finally found a home this week)…


“You are a good man, ‘Mish,” Darshan breathed. “Sometimes to your detriment, I would think. Men like you are scarce in Udynea. You could almost say they are extinct, especially amongst the nobility. The Crystal Court tends to change those who dare its depths. Like little glass sharks chewing them up and spitting them out just for fun.”

“Yet you’re still looking to take me there?” Hamish scoffed. “And you must be pulling me leg. You’re part of their nobility.”

Sitting back, Darshan laughed softly. “I never said I was a good man, mea lux.”

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