Name: Perjarno daNova
Story: The Forgotten Queen
Status: “Lady”

I’ve more than a few criminals pop up in The Rogue King Saga. There’s practically at least one group in every city, really. I like to spread them out, as well as have a bit of variety between them. Which is why one place has Scarp, whilst another is run by two women, and a third by young couple.
And then there’s this particular lady. It’s rare that I get a character who gets nastier the further I delve. I figure there would always be one particular person that even the underground wouldn’t want to mess with.
To put it simply, she’s the matriarch of her family-run crime ring with dealings in … well, it’s probably safe to say that if it’s illegal, she’s sniffing about. And I’m pretty she that wasn’t born with a noble title.
It’s probably a good thing she remains the reason behind a few going ons (especially in A Game of Cat and Horse) and never actually shows up in any story.

Even though I only needed to define her background and personality, I still like to get a visual reference for the character, just so that if she ever did show up, I know she’d look something like this.

2 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. No, no. She's only mentioned and it's firstly in book 3. I really have to go back over the “Introducing…” posts and change the titles to match.

    The saga goes…
    The Rogue King
    The Shadow Prince
    The Forgotten Queen
    The Vengeful God


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